Monday, April 30, 2012

Expanding Universe

       I travel alot and I've realized that places that have great, warm weather in May/June  have been ALOT cooler then usual. After constantly asking myself why, I have formulated a theory. Moreover, I believe my conclusion is upheld by the "Expanding Universe Theory"---(The cosmological theory holding that the universe is expanding, based on the interpretation of the color shift in the spectra of all the galaxies as being the result of the Doppler effect and indicating that all galaxies are moving away from one another). I believe these usually warm places are experiencing cooler weather each summer because THE EARTH IS MOVING AWAY FROM THE SUN. Expanding Universe theory was describe to me as; draw some dots on a ballon and when you blow it up, the dots move farther apart from eachother. Thus, I believe the Earth is moving away from the Sun, making it unable to recieve recent amounts of heat. Some may ask, what about the unusually hot weather some places are experiencing during the summer? My answer to this; Because of the gradual opening of the ozone layer. So I conclude, the Earth is, and will experience cooler weather each passing century because it is gradually moving away from the Sun....and every other Celestial Body.